Join the club!


Whether you are the socialite who regularly paints the town red, the blogger who is always in the know about the latest trends or the entrepreneur with an ever expanding business, then we want to hear about you!


FRISSK CLUB consists out of two parts, our 'FRISSK Beauties' and our 'Collaboration Nation'. 


FRISSK Beauties


FRISSK Beauties is about creating a social platform for all who are interested in attending our FRISSK Beauty events.  Here beauty-minded guys and gals can get to know each other, learn more about who and what FRISSK Beauty is, get up close and personal with our exciting new products before they launch and meet some of our favourite beauty gurus in the industry. 


In order to join the FRISSK Beauties, subscribe to our mailing list on our home page.  Tickets to new events will be made available in our online shop for purchase. 


Collaboration Nation


Ever had a mind blowing, insanely creative, uniquely orchestrated project that you wanted to give a go? ....Then Collaboration Nation is for you. 


The purpose of Collaboration Nation is to create networking opportunities for individuals and businesses from all over the globe to network and collaborate on exciting, creative projects.  Whether you are a model, photographer, own a unique shop, deli or restaurant or have an interesting skill or talent, then please get in touch. 


If you are interested in collaborating with FRISSK Beauty on a creative project please email us at  Use 'COLLABORATION NATION' in your topic line.


Please include the following in your mail:

  • The talent, skill, product or service you have to offer.
  • Where you are based.
  • Your website / social media pages.
  • The insanely creative, mind blowing idea that you have. (Not a requirement)

Cannot wait to hear from you!!